Everything started with an accident caused by an ice plate which fell down from the tarpaulin roof of a truck driving in front of me. The idea for the AIRpipe triple pipe system was created out of an inspiration gathered from the principle of heat insulation in the construction of greenhouses which I distribute in my company Gartenbautechnik Bauregger. The company AIRpipe GmbH was founded in 2004. Our strengths lie in the customer-oriented construction and manufacturing of installations and systems which serve the safety and operating comfort in the commercial vehicle sector.
With constant new and further developments of the product range in conformity with highest technical standards, we represent an innovative company with a view to the challenges of the market and thereby secure our long-term success.
On the basis of short decision and information paths we are in the position to meet our customer’s demands in the short term and efficiently.

We are particularly pleased about the fact that we already received several awards for our product, the AIRpipe trial pipe system, such as:

2007 we won the second place at the Trailer Innovation on the occasion of the IAA Hannover,
2008 we obtained the Golden Securitas, an award of AUVA and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, and finally  
2010 the jury award forming part of the State Award for Traffic

European Charter

Mit der Unterzeichnung der Europäischen Charta für die Straßenverkehrssicherheit haben wir uns verpflichtet, mit Maßnahmen in unserem Verantwortungs- und Tätigkeitsbereich tatkräftig mitzuhelfen, das gemeinsame Ziel, die Zahl der Unfallopfer im Straßenverkehr in der Europäischen Union zu halbieren.

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